waterproof old tiled cape town roof seal

A client of ours asked for assistance with an old fibre cement tiled roof that was really in a bad way. The fibre cement tiles were crumbling and splitting and waterproofing issues were starting to show themselves. It is very difficult if not impossible to find replacement tiles and so we proposed a solution that would return his roof to an almost new state once again by using one our liquid rubber membranes called Masterroof. The product is perfect for the job at hand as it can elongate 400% and still recover allowing some light foot traffic on the roof once complete.

Just quoting on the project proved to be difficult as the roof tiles were crumbling on the edges as our technical director tried to move around. The client was happy to renew his roof at a reasonable cost and engaged us to test an area for him. Due to the delicate nature of the work our director got involved personally!

The client is really happy and has even commented that his roof is “quiet” now as the tiles used to make quite a noise in the wind!

Take a look at the steps below:

Step 1 – Clean

As you can see this roof has seen better days and required very careful workmanship. This was the cleaning phase of the project which included removing the old membrane on the sidewall.

Step 3 – Apply Primer

The next step was to apply the epoxy primer to ,ake sur ethe final product bonds to the old roof tiles.
The final step included two coats of a liquid rubberised membrane that has strengthened the tiles while being 100% waterproof. MasterRoof’s ability to elongate up to 400% makes it one of the few products that can handle the repair of an old roof such as this. If you need help repairing your old roof give us a call to see what solutions we can offer you.
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Step 2 Seal

Step 2 involved sealing all roof nails with a polyurethane mastic and covering them with non woven membrane to ensure 100% waterproofing! Sidewall membranes were replaced after sealing the flashing

Step 4

Step 4 involved applying a non woven membrane to all levels of roof tile. A polyurethane mastic was used to strengthen the edges of each tile.