Keep this in mind when choosing a waterproofing contractor in Cape Town

During these rainy winter days it is crucial to waterproof effectively . A common question among homeowners is “What is the best type of waterproofing?”. Read on to find out more about the difference between Torch-on and spray on waterproofing products.

Technical terms like “torch-on” and “spray-on” can get us all confused, making us dread an essential part of household maintenance. So what do we go for when so many options are presented to us? Even though torch-on waterproofing solutions might have its benefits, spray-on has time and time again proved to be superior, in many respects.

1. What is the difference between torch-on and spray-on waterproofing?

Bitumen torch-on waterproofing is a blend of bitumen and polymers, which are applied to a polyester or fiber-glass reinforcement membrane. A torch is then used to heat fuse the bitumen material onto the roof.

Spray-on waterproofing, on the other hand, is a procedure by which a liquid waterproofing agent is applied to a surface. As presented in the name, this method of waterproofing is sprayed on or, in the case of the wind we experience on most days in the cape, painted or rolled on. The waterproofing agent starts in liquid form but dries into a seamless decorative membrane that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

2. Why use Spray-On Solutions?

This waterproofing solution is not just eco-friendly, and non-toxic, but it also can be applied to any surface and bond extremely well. This includes concrete, masonry, stone, fiber cement, fiberglass, steel, tiles, etc.

The spray on solution allows large areas of waterproofing to be completed quickly with less manpower. This means that projects can be completed on time and in budget.

Spray-on waterproofing has and requires no joints which means that there are less weak spots where water can enter. Our above ground products are all UV stable protecting the membrane against the sun for many years and offer a 10 Year maintenance free guarantee.

Follow this link to see how we repair a roof that had torch on installed previously. Alternatively Call us now for a chat to see how we can simplify your waterproofing problems in and around Cape Town

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