Terms and Conditions

1. All materials are professionally applied by CGW, and as such, any repairs or applications can only be carried out by CGW.

2. For any areas requiring tiling, CGW cannot be held responsible for damage to the waterproofing by the tiler. In the event of the waterproofing being damaged CGW cannot be held responsible.

3. CGW shall not be held liable for any damages to its applications caused by third party contractors working on THE CLIENT’S site at the same time or any time thereafter.

4. The CGW guarantee will only come into effect after full payment has been received from the client. If payment is not made on time the guarantee will be reduced accordingly at CGW discretion.

5. There shall be no guarantee if rust or cracks develop after waterproofing is completed.

6. Any retentions must be communicated to CGW in writing before the particular job commences and must be agreed to by CGW.

7. In the event of any delay brought about by THE CLIENT or any third party/agent of THE CLIENT or tenants, payment must be received from THE CLIENT for whatever work has been done at that particular stage by CGW.

8. THE CLIENT undertakes to settle the account in full on presentation of the final invoice by CGW. CGW is entitled to charge 2% interest on any outstanding amount per month.

9. Any additional building, equipment installation or work conducted by THE CLIENT or any third party must be supervised and inspected by CGW at the time of the works. In the event this is not done the guarantee shall be revoked. A callout fee will apply.

10. THE CLIENT takes full responsibility to remove all items of furniture/fixtures/vehicles etc to alleviate any damage that could occur during the course of the contract.

11. THE CLIENT shall inspect and clean the waterproofed areas to remove leaf collection etc at least once a year. If there is evidence of a lack of cleaning and removing annual leaf collection and this is found to be the cause of water ingress any repair work will be billed to THE CLIENT.

12. Upon application of CGW waterproofing products there may be a noticeable texture difference between treated and untreated areas. THE CLIENT acknowledges that no claim against CGW can be held in this regard.

13. CGW shall not be held accountable for water slope design on roofs, street levels and balconies unless stipulated in the quotation.

14. The period of the guarantee referred to in these terms and conditions shall be as per that stated in the quotation.